After a successful 2011 conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, we now bring our conference to San Mateo, California, June 28th-29th

Is there a Secret Space Program?
Join us as we present a carefully selected group of speakers gathered to ask some serious questions about the “deep state” and what is really happening in the world and beyond. We expose the most powerful invisible mechanisms behind global geopolitical and financial trends.

Where did the money go?
Our program will include financial, historical and cultural analysis of the “Breakaway Civilization.” That’s the 1% of the 1% – the group whose wealth is exploding. We will discuss the system of hidden finance that put the American intelligence community in the role of international bankers. Multi trillion dollar financial fraud and market manipulations are actually mechanisms for financing the black budget programs and the privatized, centralized governance necessitated by high-tech secrecy.
A financial mechanism to transfer wealth to a new “Breakaway Civilization”.

Is the UFO the hidden factor in modern history?

.Over the years, there have been many confirmed World Military encounters with UFOs. The energy and technology implications of these crafts and the probable political forces that are blocking changes to our energy paradigm are very much worth researching. Ever wondered how a breakaway civilization could operate with impunity?

Breakaway Consciousness
Divorcing inner and outer space from each other is the core goal of all elites. When we end this divorce we will be privy to an astounding kind of knowledge. Not just new information, but a new kind of information. We would see with new eyes.

Inner space is consciousness. Eight billion people will need to have their inner space shut down, through mind control, for the outer space program to remain a secret. Is it possible to get out of this mess that is causing so much suffering and destruction on this planet? There are steps that can lead us to a new reality. We should act fast and shift our consciousness. If we wish to be part of an authentic ‘Breakaway Civilization’, we must first attain a ‘Breakaway Consciousness’.

What is really going on out there?
What is in space now and what can be? How does space influence all of our lives? Are there Cosmic Cultures and Civilizations? Are they visiting us, are they under us? If so, how will this impact our lives? Midst all the myths and legends, speculations and interpretations, theories and perspectives, fears and “research”, how does one discern the truth? With the spins and twists presented in books, documentaries, conferences and speakers, you might find your answers during this unique conference.

If we manage to ask the right questions and put some of the pieces together we might be getting closer to some kind of answer – what is really going on out there


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CONFERENCE 2014 JUNE 28-29 San Mateo C.A.

hosted by Henrik Palmgren

exciting lineup of confirmed speakers here:



21 – 12 – ’14 . Winter – Tree.



Unknown . Winter – Tree.


Ervin Laszlo – The Self Actualizing Cosmos

Ervin Laszlo discusses his book The Self-Actualizing Cosmos – The Akasha Revolution in Science and Human Consciousness. Science evolves through alternating phases of ‘normal’ science and radical shifts that create scientific revolutions. We saw this at the turn of the 20th century, when science shifted from a Newtonian worldview to Einstein’s relativity paradigm, and again with the shift to the quantum paradigm. Now, as we recognize the nonlocal interconnection of all things in space and time, we find our scientific worldview shifting once again.

The Self-Actualizing Cosmos explores the genesis of the current revolution in scientific thought and the latest findings in support of the Akashic field. It explains how the burgeoning Akasha paradigm returns our way of thinking to an integral consciousness, a nonlinear mode of understanding that enables us to accept the reality of non-local interconnection throughout the world. This new inclusive way of understanding reaffirms the age-old instinctive comprehension of deep connections among people, societies, and nature, and it integrates and transcends classical religious and scientific paradigms.

Providing examples from cutting-edge science of quantum-resonance-based interactions among all living systems, Laszlo shows the cosmos of the Akasha to be a self-actualizing, self-organizing whole, where each part is in coherence with all others and all parts together create the conditions for the emergence of life and consciousness. The advent of the Akasha paradigm marks a new stage in science’s understanding of the fundamental nature of the world and offers unique guidance for contemporary efforts to create a peaceful and sustainable world.

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The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time (Terence McKenna Movie)

Terence Kemp McKenna was an author, lecturer, philosopher and shamanic explorer of the realm of psychedelic states. He spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including metaphysics, alchemy, language, culture, technology, and the theoretical origins of human consciousness. He has been described by some as being “so far out, nobody knows what he’s talking about”, and by others as “the most innovative thinker of our times”.
To shake us out of our perceptual torpor, McKenna played the holy fool, the crazy wisdom sage. He pushed our faces in the most exotic, lurid inventions of modern science and technology. What elevated him above most other prophets was that he delivered his prophesies with a wink, an implicit acknowledgement that ultimately reality is stranger than we CAN suppose.
McKenna’s métier was the spoken word — stand-up philosophy that meme-splices Alfred North Whitehead, Marshall McLuhan, James Joyce, William Blake and many others, delivered in a reedy, insinuating voice. Available throughout the Internet with titles like “Having Archaic and Eating it Too” and “Shedding the Monkey,” his lectures are tours de force of verbal virtuosity and pack-rat polymathy, leaping trippingly (in both senses of the word) from quantum mechanics to medieval alchemy, from the chaos theory of Ilya Prigogine to the neo-Platonism of Philo Judaeus.
This movie was created to present and collect (some of) his most profound thoughts, and to possibly show glimpses of the alchemical angel that Terence pursued throughout his life. It does not serve as a biography, (at least) three very important themes were left out for the simple reason that they take hours to unfold themselves: the experiment at La Chorrera, the relationship between the McKenna brothers, and the Trialogues with Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham. And so, three books are essential to anyone who’d like to dive deeper into the life and mind of Terence McKenna:
True Hallucinations by Terence McKenna
The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss by Dennis McKenna
Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness by Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, and Ralph Abraham

Created by Peter Bergmann, this is a movie/documentary/project/mashup/juxtapo

­sition/amalgamation made from everything Terence McKenna left us with, mixed with the music of We Plants Are Happy Plants.

From Terence McKenna’s Eulogy to Leo Zeff:
Sometimes when Leo would sit with people, they would come out of their reveries and want to talk with him about what they were learning and seeing. And Leo would listen for a few minutes. But he then would always say: “That’s fine, that’s good, now return to the music.” And I think that.. I like to think that Leo has now returned to the music. And some day so shall we. And to whatever degree we follow his example life here, the passage to whatever lies beyond will be made much easier.
Leo showed the way, because Leo knew the way. And I salute him for that, I say for all of us who were his tribe: Goodbye to the secret chief, goodbye to the man who saw most deeply. It’s now for us to do as he would have had us do.

The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time

Part 1: Introduction 2:32
Part 2: Human Evolution 10:10
Part 3: Alchemy 15:02
Part 4: Plants 28:26
Part 5: Psychedelics 30:33
Part 6: Culture 34:25
Part 7: Psilocybin 39:48
Part 8: Leaving History 45:16
Part 9: How do you communicate with the mushroom? 51:23
Part 10: What is the voice? 54:18
Part 11: Conversation with Ram Dass 57:51
Part 12: DMT 1:09:46
Part 13: The DMT Experience 1:12:42
Part 14: Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph Abraham 1:26:46
Part 15: Rap, Rant, Rave 1:38:38
Part 16: The Big Bang 1:52:35
Part 17: Humanity 1:57:07
Part 18: “Why is it important for you to do this?” 2:02:38
Part 19: The Good, The True, and The Beautiful 2:12:30
Part 20: Kathleen Harrison 2:15:10
Part 21: Bad Trip 2:17:34
Part 22: High Water Weirdness Event 2:20:57
Part 23: The Promise Of Art 2:26:00
Part 24: Cannabis 2:35:45
Part 25: From Monkeydom To Starshiphood 2:41:41
Part 26: The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time 2:47:10
Part 27: Last Thoughts 2:51:12
Epilogue 3:10:20

Ever-expanding list of contributors, whose work is featured:
(please mention it in the comments if you run into your art/footage)

Videos and audio recordings

Mike Kawitzky
Lorenzo Hagerty/Matrix Masters

Ben Ridgway
Simon Haiduk
The Art Of Salvia Droid

Ken Adams, Bruce Damer, Sacred Mysteries, Rupert Sheldrake, Ralph Abraham

video link

The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time (Terence McKenna Movie)

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The Transcendental Object At The End Of Time (Terence McKenna Movie) with trailers

Terence Mckenna – The Alchemical Dream – Rebirth of the Great Work & Interviews

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The elite have set up the reality on our Earth like a fake stage with their agenda controlling it. They want us to think, live and act in certain ways so the maximum benefit can be given to their agenda. So a lot of us live on this staged up reality show without even knowing it


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Engines of Domination

Political power — armed central authority, with states and war — is it part of human nature? Is it necessary for human communities? Or is it a tool that ruling elites use to live at the expense of communities? A tool that does violence to human nature and the world?

Engines of Domination offers a theory of political power as a tool for making tools of human beings — an engine that converts human energy into authority and privilege for the rulers. Invented in the Bronze Age, brilliantly refined for six thousand years, today the engine has caused a human emergency that threatens to destroy our world.

This documentary makes a powerful argument that there is only one way to save the future. Armed central authority must be abolished, giving way to a world of peaceful voluntary communities — in other words, an argument for anarchism.

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Peter Lamborn Wilson – Communities of Resistance – Spiritual Anarchism

Peter Lamborn Wilson is an American post-anarchist author, primarily known for advocating the concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones.

Communities of Resistance – Peter Lamborn Wilson – Audio

Spiritual Anarchism.

Peter spoke on “Spiritual Anarchism”, concentrating on the period of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe up to now. The Diggers and The Ranters will be some of the fascinating spiritual groups he will describe. W/Q&A

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Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell & Linda Hunt

Peter Levenda : Sinister Forces. 2 – 2009 Project Camelot

Richard Dolan Interviews Joseph P. Farrell. 8 – 11 – 2012.

Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, Dr. Joseph P. Farrell & Linda Hunt

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